Idea about a $DAG wiki

Following the HIP process I would like to present to the community an idea.

While writing the unofficial tokenomics I realised there are several terms which are not defined, everybody thinks what it is, but people just have their own understanding as there is no public common definition.

It is also nice to have the articles in medium, but the information it is only valid at the moment of the publication. If someone Googles for an information he/she is interested in, google may present first an old article giving an outdated information to the reader.

My idea is to create an official wiki maintained both by the community and constellation network. If someone doesn’t know what is a state channel can go to the wiki and check, if someone doesn’t know what is the power consumption of a DTM can go to the wiki and check, if someone doesn’t know what is the current rewards distributed for DTM can go to the wiki and check the updated info.

This will help the community to enlarge their knowledge and ti have a common understanding, the newcomers to understand better the environment, the community to support newcomers (instead of answering the same questions hundreds of times).

This would be an official wiki, therefore even if the community is providing definitions, updating the content, etc. Constellation will need to validate it, and provide some content as well.

What do you think?


I think it’s a great idea. Lots of work involved, but we’re a pretty large community so we can sure hack it up in bite-able chunks.

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Great idea. I think we can probably use the documentation hub for this? As it’s already opensource and gatekept by the team (so you can add/edit pages and do a pull request for review and acceptance by team):

Talking about this site:
Github: GitHub - Constellation-Labs/documentation-hub: The official Constellation Network developer docs

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You mean like add the wiki to the docs website?

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I like the idea and I think the “doc” Constellation domain is good :blush:

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Thanks for your support!!!

I will try to get an sponsor


@MateoGold even if I admit the feedback I got was not that much, all of the feedback was very positive.

I think you (@MateoGold) are the sponsor who best fits for supporting this proposal, would you be willing to sponsor this proposal of creating a $DAG/HGTP Wiki potentially in the Constellation Docs Hub?


I think this is a great idea. It is one of the things we have been trying to build with the FAQ section on, but it would be greatly enhanced if there is a single go-to platform that is validated by the team.

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thanks for the support @grillmasterZac

@MateoGold we are getting more community support for this proposal. It would be also an opportunity to run through the full process as a pilot.

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Great idea! It will greatly assist those new to Constellation in finding the most up to date info

I like the idea of a DAG wiki. This could be either done independently or rolled as an informational HIP through governance with a workgroup behind it.
It would indeed be a good first testrun for the process. I recommend fleshing out the proposal as much as possible…then lets discuss it and one of the sponsors (or myself) can move it forward in the process chain…