Change in Data Pool rewards

Proposal for DTM Rewards Structure Refinement

Subject: Enhancing Equity in DTM Rewards Distribution

Dear Constellation Community,

In light of the evolving dynamics and the recent launch of the Dor metagraph, we are presented with an opportunity to reassess our DTM rewards structure to better reflect the contributions of each DTM within the network.

Historically, foundational DTMs have been pivotal in providing foundational data as placeholders while awaiting the development of the Dor metagraph. These DTMs were issued NFTs and awaited the activation of physical devices to install and also supported the Metagraph by relaying data continuously while waiting. This early support has been instrumental in the growth and sustenance of the network.

As we transition into the next phase with the Dor metagraph now active, we are considering a proposed change to the rewards structure that emphasizes active participation and direct contributions to the Metagraph. Specifically, the proposal is that rewards should accrue only when a DTM is actively online and connected to the Metagraph. This approach aims to incentivize continuous data provision and support for the network’s integrity and robustness.

Current statistics show that each of the 3,000 DTM company recipients gains approximately 4.9 million DAG and 8.1 million DOR tokens monthly. However, it is noted that these DTMs are not linked to the Metagraph, raising questions about the equitable distribution of rewards.

We are seeking feedback on the fairness of this rewards distribution and are open to discussions on potential adjustments. One proposed change is to implement a rule where DTM owners would only receive rewards if their DTM is actively connected to the Metagraph and online. This change aims to ensure that the reward system is both fair and aligned with our network’s goals.

We welcome your insights and suggestions on how we can refine the reward system to better serve our community and the network’s long-term objectives.



I agree with Dagnum and support this


I support this, however, I am uncertain if HIP has jurisdiction over the DOR token rewards specifically. As for the $DAG token rewards, it is clear, as that is Constellation Network’s utility token and not the Dor metagraph’s token. The ideal outcome ofcourse would be that both tokens follow the same DTM device connectivity pre-requisite that you outlined.

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I agree and support this


Well I wasn’t sure where to start :joy:

But if this gets enough support I’m sure they could do something

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It sure how much of a voice I have, but after hearing of 3,000 (obviously not a small number) DTMs receiving rewards for no active participation, yea, there’s some concern on my part as well. +1


I think changing reward structure to better fit what you want is dumb af. Yeah it might be better for the the nubs crying about price, so what. They where bought with a certain expectation that was written and is there right to not hook up there devices as they see fit. Changing it is on some bs bait and switch type ish. Quit crying it’s there right to dump if they want , get a tissue. Take it as a blessing n buy more dag cheap this rocket still leaving

I agree with this proposal Dagnum, nicely done. This seems fair and would incentivize those that own the DTM’s to get out there and talk with retailers. Simply holding and being able to collect native tokens without contributing to the network is not being much of a team player for progression.

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This gets a +1 from me.

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I support this idea.

Data pool was created 1 year ago for:

Dor Traffic Miner (DTM) rewards, state channel grants, bandwidth grants, and other on-chain data validation activities.

However, until now it has only be used for rewarding DTMs, even if they have now their own token. There are also no signs of using these $DAG for any of the other topics in the short term.

Having an unknown company getting that many rewards without providing any added value to the network is even worsening the situation.


TLDR: The DTM was meant to be used, so if it isn’t set up, why give rewards? If there wasn’t a deadline set, then set one.

If this does get pushed to a vote then I agree, it should be taken very seriously. To change key rewards structures like this is no small thing. I think what is really burning in all our minds is that the DTMs were designed to be used, not just purchased and rewards handed out. If no timeline or deadline to set up the DTM was set in place then that’s on the leadership and it should be addressed. Maybe that’s what this proposal will get started. Hell, if I knew I could have bought a DTM and received rewards for this long (how longs it been now?) without even setting it up, maybe I would have bought one too. But I knew that the whole purpose was to set this up to monitor foot traffic, and I didn’t have a place to put one, so I didn’t get one.

Maybe the change should be such that inactive DTMs won’t receive rewards. Or maybe that the rewards allocation to DTMs should be reduced (maybe 10-20%?) but fluctuate how much each one gets based on how many DTMs are active?

They sold the 200$ plastic heat counters at 5k a pop. I’m sure near ever1 that bought figured in what was written at the time of purchase into there roi strategy. At the time they were coming out everyone was asking hmmm should I buy 5k in dag rn or the dtm. When the big wig that bought the bulk everyone was happy when the news dropped. Now tears cause he selling his dags. Omg I almost hope the enterprise that bought the bulk is named “viking industries” (lmao) or something so all the tears can be for a reason If y’all don’t get that joke ur new shut up. I been in dag believe in dag met the team got ink don’t question where im coming from. Dag changed my life but seeing this cause other coins pump and yall need something to blame bs is stupid. Dag don’t pump on time never has but it will like it always does.

I think the fundamental issue which was simply due to technical immaturity of the network at the time of the Dor NFT release, is that there was no other alternative reward mechanism ( i.e. DOR token minting ability). This created a situation where a private independent company (owned by constellation), DOR technologies, has a direct impact on the Constellation’s public base layer’s tokenomics ($DAG).

This inevitably led us to the current situation. If the DTMs didn’t reward $DAG to begin with we wouldn’t be trying to course correct now. Essentially the data pool leeches value from DAG to prop up DOR which is supposed to be a separate metagraph with it’s own tokenomics. Co-mingling tokenomics from the base layer with a separate Dapp network running on top of it is parasitic. The real solution is add more utility (value) to the DOR token to drive demand and incentive to buy DTMs, etc.

To objectively justify DAG rewards for DTMs, the DTMs themselves would need to be validating for Constellation network ( .e. DAG-L0 or DAG-L1…or both). I doubt the DTM can handle DAG L0 validation based on the hardware requirements of full nodes. Maybe the L1 but either way it would need to be decoupled as they are currently tied together in deployment. Even then, validating the DAG L1 is too heavy of a workload for the DTM.This is evidenced by the fact the DTMs are not actually validators for Dor metagraph itself, they are sensors that feed into the Dor network. Separate Dor validator node servers with much more robust hardware requirements do the validation of the metagraph’s L1.

I think identifying and setting a deadline for establishing bare minimum requirement of connecting the DTM to the network to receive rewards, whether DAG or DOR, is the first step. Eventually remaining DAG rewards allocated for DTMs should be revaluated entirely. One such solution would be to burn remaining DAG rewards allocated to foundational DTMs and then mint equivalent DOR tokens. Ofcourse most people would push back on that until they feel the DOR token itself has enough utility and value in itself to be comparable to DAG rewards (and probably comparable liquidity as well). This is just one solution…not saying it’s the best one.

It’s less about price and more about what’s right for the business. Obviously, like you alluded to, the 5k unit is only a couple hundred dollars worth of gadget, so it’s more an investment in the company than anything. The point of purchasing the unit was to contribute to what the business is trying to build. I could care less about the newly minted DAG hitting the market or not. 4.9 million is enough to keep the price down in quite times but can’t hold it back when things get rolling. That’ll happen when the time is right, like you said.

Good stuff. I haven’t followed this religiously, but wasn’t the ROI on the DTM relatively short? Like 1-2 years even at the prices we are at now (.05-.06). If that’s really the case, then once the DTM owners have been sufficiently compensated, at least for the initial purchase price, maybe then they could switch to 100% DOR rewards?

I realize how terrible that idea sounds to DTM owners. I had just joined crypto and got involved with STRONG (not realizing how foolish that was) when they completely obliterated the rewards just after I had signed on. I don’t want to make those in the community feel cut off and betrayed from what they were originally promised, but like you said, it’s kind of a parasitic setup we have right now. The main problem being what utility does the DOR token have that would support that extra load?

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