HIP-1 HGTP Governance

This is to track progress on the HIP-1 proposal

the current proposal text can be viewed here:

Categories will be tightened on core eng and the entire process will be outliend here as well


I sent a request for access to the document. Waiting for a reply

HIP-01 (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KR_zjCrZpcuEjfTBtWA8Dy-VTmf26CjloXh-D9AwFJM/edit?usp=sharing)

hip: 1 title: HIP Purpose and Guidelines status: Living type: Process author: Mathias Goldmann , et al. created: 2022-11-08 ## What is an HIP? HIP stands for Hypergraph Improvement Proposal. It…

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Please let us know what your comments are on HIP-1
Next step is for formally adopt HIP-1 by putting it as MD file into the Github and the past proposals page.

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Haven’t got any comments, really. Means I think it looks fine as it is. And also that it is a rather technical read for me, as I’m alien to anything has to do with coding.

Btw, are you aware of the ‘Constellation Consensus’ Tg? It’s a recently started community based initiative for discussing and voting proposals.

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The document looks good overall. Perhaps some elaboration on the different sponsor groups could help elucidate next steps for those seeking to submit a HIP. I’m not sure if this should be written within HIP-1 itself, or perhaps in a separate guidance document that is hyper-linked which outlines the scope/role of each sponsor group including rules of engagement:

Core Dev: Lukasz@constellationnetwork.io
Stardust Collective:
L0 Projects: chandru@alkimi.org
Constellation Foundation: mathias@constellationnetwork.io
Node Operators: Doug@constellationnetwork.io


good idea! The overall process does not change. All HIP go through at least one sponsor. the different groups are meant to ease representation from different angles in the community…so that poeple dont need to build new relationships necessarily if they know already their peer group sponsor…

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is there already a sponsor for Stardust Collective?

nobody from Stardust Collective has come forward to act as a sponsor yet

HIP-1 is live on Github

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Hey Mateo, the link brings me to …

the link should work now. lmk if you still have issues

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